TITLE: Correctional Services Corp. & Youth Services

MSBCA No. 2509, Correctional, 2006
MSBCA #: 2509
YEAR: 2006
CASE TYPE: Contract Claim
ISSUE: Jurisdiction — Absence of Final Decision
HEADNOTE: The Board of Contract Appeals lacks jurisdiction to hear an appeal on a contract claim where no final agency decision has been issued. The right to appeal on a deemed denied basis is limited by law to construction contracts.

TITLE: BEKA Industries, Inc.
MSBCA No. 2132. BEKA, 2000
MSBCA #: 2132
YEAR: 2000
CASE TYPE: Contract Claim
ISSUES: Specifications — Implied Warranty
HEADNOTE: By issuing the plans and specifications, the State impliedly warrants that the plans and specifications are adequate and sufficient.

TITLE: Keller Brothers, Inc./Accubid Excavations, Inc. Joint Venture
MSBCA #: 1946
YEAR: 1996
CASE TYPE: Bid Protest
ISSUES: Responsiveness — Bid Bond Defect
HEADNOTE: Where a bid bond submitted by the low bidder did not provide for automatic extension of the surety’s obligation for up to 90 additional days without consent of the surety, the bid was properly determined to be nonresponsive pursuant to COMAR