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Maryland Governor Hogan Announces Start of Phase One Reopening

Maryland Governor Hogan Announces Start of Phase One Reopening

Today, Governor Larry Hogan announced the beginning of Phase One of Maryland’s reopening.  Phase One will commence on Friday, May 15th at 5:00 pm.  Governor Hogan noted that local jurisdictions may exercise discretion to enable Phase One businesses to reopen or not.  Special attention should be paid to directives from local jurisdictions from the Baltimore/Washington Corridor, several of whom have already indicated they may impose requirements or limit reopening in a manner different than just announced by the Governor.  Entities that can reopen must continue social distancing and take enhanced safety precautions, including requiring masks indoors.  Businesses that can reopen include:

  • Retail stores at 50% capacity
  • Manufacturing with proper safety precautions in place
  • Places of worship at 50% capacity
  • Barber shops and hair salons at 50% capacity, with service by appointment only
  • Art galleries at 50% capacity

See the revised executive order and interpretative guidance below.

These entities have been determined as able to operate in a manner that is “low risk” for spreading COVID-19.  The requirements to wear a mask and adhere to social distancing will likely continue for some time.

The date for beginning Phase Two of reopening has not been determined.  It may commence after Phase One has been in place for some time and certain COVID-19 metrics continue to subside or plateau.  Governor Hogan will continue to consult with advisors on key indicators as to when Phase Two may commence.

This process remains fluid based on developments pertaining to COVID-19 and we will continue to monitor these matters.  Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or need assistance.

For more information on this and all other COVID-19 related issues please visit our regularly updated RWL COVID-19 Subgroup Page:  https://www.rwllaw.com/covid-19-information-and-assistance/.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.  At RWL we continue to stand ready to assist you during these difficult times.  We can be reached at (410) 269-5066, online at https://www.rwllaw.com/ and on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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