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Maryland Procurement Alert: BPW Amendments to I-495/I-270 P3 Program Affect Phasing, Transit, and Schedule

Maryland Procurement Alert: BPW Amendments to I-495/I-270 P3 Program Affect Phasing, Transit, and Schedule

On January 8, 2019, the Maryland Board of Public Works (“BPW”) approved amendments to its prior conditional designation of the I-495/I-270 P3 Program, ensuring regional transit improvements and incorporating recent developments concerning the Capital Beltway Accord Partnership.  In addition, a new Preliminary Solicitation Schedule was announced that anticipates Statements of Qualifications due in April of this year.

The BPW’s initial conditional designation on June 5, 2019 was based upon the following five conditions:

  1. There will be no property acquisitions related to the Traffic Relief Plan until final BPW approval of a P3 Agreement with a concessionaire;
  2. P3 Agreements under this P3 Program must allow mass transit buses to use managed toll lanes without paying tolls;
  3. 10% of net toll proceeds to the State of the P3 Program will be given to Montgomery and Prince George’s County for regional transit;
  4. A monorail Feasibility Study Report will be completed; and
  5. Phase I of the P3 Program would include I-270, while I-495 improvements would be Phases II and III.

The first amendment to the to the BPW’s conditional designation requires – as part of the eventual P3 Agreement approvals – Memoranda of Understanding between MDOT and the affected Counties concerning specific transit investments related to Condition No. 3.   The second amendment, related to Condition No. 5, designated Phase I as the portion of I-495 from (and including) the American Legion Bridge in Northern Virginia to I-270, and I-270 from I-495 to I-370.  This was due, in part, to the Capital Beltway Accord agreed to in November 2019 (http://www.mdot.maryland.gov/News/Releases2019/2019_November_12_Capital_Beltway_Accord_Release.html) between the Governors of Maryland and Virginia.

The updated Preliminary Solicitation Schedule now anticipates a Request for Qualifications to be released next month, with Statements of Qualifications due in April.  After a Request for Proposals process with qualified potential concessionaires, execution of the first P3 Agreement for Phase I is anticipated in May 2021.

For more information on the BPW amendments to the P3 Program and updated Preliminary Solicitation Schedule, please see the following links:

BPW Agenda Item 23-GM (at pp. 126-131) – https://bpw.state.md.us/MeetingDocs/2020-Jan-8-Agenda.pdf

Video of 1/8/2020 BPW Meeting (discussion begins at 24:03) – https://livestream.com/accounts/23870158/events/7130000/videos/200562812

For more information concerning Maryland’s Public-Private Partnerships Program, contact Scott Livingston or Mike Miller at 301.951.0150.

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