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Tartan Stable 1980 Preakness Stakes Challenge

Arnold Weiner’s successful representation of Tartan Stable in the 1980 Preakness Stakes® has been noted in a new book by Jack Gilden, “The Fast Ride – Spectacular Bid and the Undoing of a Sure Thing” (Neb. Press, 2022).  Arnold represented Tartan Stable, the owner of the racehorse Codex in a challenge of the 1980 Preakness Stakes® brought by the owners of the racehorse Genuine Risk.  “After the race, Jacinto claimed foul and said that Cordero had interfered with his horse by whipping her in the face with his crop.  The stewards upheld Cordero’s victory, but the case went to court anyway.  Cordero’s brilliant Baltimore lawyer, Arnold Weiner, widely hailed as one of the very best barristers in the country, successfully argued from photographic evidence that Angel was too far away from Genuine Risk to have impeded her in any way.  Weiner won the case, and Codex’s victory was assured.”